Vision and Mission Statement
Malpi International School with its well-rounded academic program aims to dispel the darkness caused by ignorance and disseminate knowledge and information, the basis of true power, and thus help to lead its student into the light.

Malpi International School is a co-ed residential school with a difference. To ensure child-centered learning, the School limits the number of students in a class to the minimum. Learning is a pleasure at Malpi International School with it’s less than 1:12 teacher: pupil ratio, and its progressive and liberal teaching methodologies.

Malpi International School:
•    Provides the highest standard of formal education through a broad and balanced curriculum.

•    Encourages a genuine love of learning so that work as well as play is regarded as enjoyable and worthwhile.

•    Creates an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to excel in whatever they undertake.

•    Provides a secure, disciplined and happy residential community environment in which the children will find good friendships and personal fulfilment.

•    Inculcates a healthy attitude towards the opposite sex, as it is a co-ed school.

•    Creates a tolerant, welcoming, multiethnic, multinational community, in which individuality and differences are respected.

•    Develops in each child a strong moral sense of what is right and what is wrong.

•    Develops in all its pupils those qualities of flexibility and adapt ability that will equip them for the complex challenges of the modern world.

•    Develops in each student the love and loyalty for their mother land so that they can serve, and give back in greater measure, all they have imbibed at the school.