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The School has the following Residence Setup for Students:
  • Junior Boys Residence    
  • Girls Residence    
  • Senior Boys I Residence    
  • Senior Boys II Residence

The following personnel are stationed in each  Residence :
  • Residential Coordinator
  • Residence In-Charge Parent
  • Residence Parents 
  • Ward Helpers
•    Overall administration of all the Residences.
•    To maintain the coordination of Residence In-charges/Residence Wardens of various Residences for smooth running of day to day routine work of the Residence.
•    Maintaining database of students.
•    To ensure discipline in the Residences.
•    Implementation of decisions taken by the Management.

•    For day to day working Residence In-Charge of the Residence will take decision in consultation with the RC and take his approval.
•    To facilitate the proper functioning of the Residence.
•    To implement the set routine/schedules provided by the management.
•    To supervise the academic, physical excellence, cultural activities of students in the Residence.
•    To supervise the working of support staff of the Residence.
•    To solve the day to day problems of the students
•    To deal with the acts of indiscipline of the students.  
•    Reporting the cases of serious indiscipline to the RC for further action.
•    To liaise with the GRT’s regarding students’ academic progress and other areas.
•    To ensure the quality of food in the Dining Hall.
•    To maintain records/registers and ledgers of students belongings, laundry, etc.
•    Communicate with RC on a regular basis.
•    To maintain overall ambiance of the Residence premises.
•    To ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of the rooms and residence premises
•    To submit the Weekly Reports to the RC.

•    To assist Residence In-charge in maintaining discipline and all other works mentioned above.  
•    To advise and guide students.
•    To maintain records.
•    To keep a watch so that no unwanted student/person resides in the Residence without permission.
•    Daily report to the Residence In-charge about the maintenance, discipline of the students, guest/visitor record and any other noticeable information.