Other Co-curricular Activities



The School strongly believes in the ‘holistic development’ of a child. Thus, co- curricular activities play a very important role in Malpi International School.  The School offers many activities, like sports, games, clubs, Inter-House competitions, Horse-riding, Swimming, Pottery, Educational Excursions, Outdoor Education Programmes, International Exchange Programmes and many more. The varied range of co-curricular activities also comes under the overall evaluation system of the student.


Malpi International School believes that a healthy socio-emotional development in its students is linked with healthy cognitive development and therefore creates a strong foundation for achievement. Students need a combination of intellectual skills, motivational qualities, and socio-emotional skills to succeed in school and in life.  The School has a planned programme which is directed towards achieving this important facet of holistic development for its students.  All activities are geared towards helping students build their social awareness, emotional awareness, communicate well, and team up effectively with others. They also learn how to motivate themselves and to cope with the everyday difficulties of life.


The School also understands the importance of Physical Excellence for its students. This is in fact a vital facet of the students’ holistic development process.  The significance of sports and games in the life of a young student is invaluable. It plays a pivotal role in instilling lessons that are essential in life and also help students learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability. Students’ active involvement in physical excellence activities of the School helps to bring out and nurture the qualities of leadership too.


·         A Residential School builds on the natural talents and untapped potential of every student. In a democratic set, the students under the supervision of Teachers as facilitators, set up Clubs of interest, and students enrol in these to develop their aptitudes and interests. These activities are compulsory and organized in a systematic manner.


·         The in-built programmes in the students’ academic curriculum includes activities that promotes the students’ all-round development----music, art and craft, karate, games, physical exercises, drama, debate, quizzes, elocution and many more.


·         The School’s literary output by way of annual magazines, class magazines, School notice boards are all compiled by these budding journalists. Also, photography, where pictures of the surrounding landscapes of interesting facets of school life, of students themselves, are brought out in annual issues of Malpi Memoirs the School’s Year Book and the Malpi Chronicles.


·         Trekking is a natural outlet for students as the school lies at the very foot of a picturesque forested hill.


·         Nature Club with activities like bird-watching, identifying rare trees and plants, and other wild-life in the area is much encouraged environment protection project.


·         Excursions and trips within Nepal and outside, is an annual programme during school term time.


·         Folk dance and music along with classical music is taught by experts in the field, during and after school hours.


·         Martial Arts like karate, are physical activities most popular with children and is taken up as a serious activity.


The student who steps out of the portals of the MALPI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will be ready to face any challenge from the world outside, for he has been equipped with tolerance, pride in himself, and an intellect to excel.