Latest News:
 The School runs regular Clubs for all Grades. The Club Hour has been slotted for every Saturday of the working week. The School offers various clubs according to the interest of the student. Each teacher is expected to facilitate one club.  Clubs are an integral part of the School Curriculum. It not only arouses interest in the students/members but also helps meet the School’s philosophy. Thus, it should be productive and conducted with utmost seriousness.

All students are encouraged to join and experiment with Clubs Activities.

The School Club Programme activities are important for the social growth and development of young children, but are especially important for the teen of today. By joining the Clubs, students expand their horizons; it helps define interests and allows bonding experiences for the future. Students develop increased interpersonal skills, which help build healthy self-esteem. By building a positive identity, students are less likely to seek negative bonding.

Teachers are to facilitate and conduct various clubs for the Junior and Senior levels. Students are to choose a Club of their choice.
•    Every student has to be a member of a Club.
•    A student cannot be in two or more clubs.
•    Attendance will be taken on every club day.
•    A ‘Journal/Diary’ is to be maintained by every student.
•    Students are to choose a club that holds their interest and develop their skill accordingly.


•    Each facilitator should plan (in advance) as to what the Club would be doing in the stipulated time. Facilitators are required to submit a brief summary of their Objectives and Plan for the upcoming week in advance. Do keep in mind the quote, “Plan your Work and Work your Plan”.

•    A report should be handed in to the Coordinator after completion of every Club Hour by Monday morning.

•    Facilitators should keep a record of attendance of its members. In cases of absentees or truancy, they should report it immediately.

•    Facilitators also should make sure that the members of their clubs keep an individual Journal/Record of each club day.

•    Student’s enthusiasm, participation, journal work etc. should be the basis of Evaluation.

•    Facilitators are to submit Club Report and feedback and plan for the next week, every Tuesday by 3:00 p.m.

•    Lastly, let us all share ideas, thoughts etc. and make the Clubs a successful, interesting and productive activity of our School.