It would be of great help if you teach your child to have initiative and confidence so that when s/he has any problem s/he does not hesitate to contact his/her grade-room teacher and/or warden in charge of the Dormitory.
In case s/he is feeling unwell, the nurse attending the infirmary is always on hand to take care of her/his needs. In case of a serious illness, parents will be immediately informed by telephone and sent for. 

You must also inform us, at the time of admission, of all your child's allergies and ailments s/he is normally prone to. The medical form given to you during admission must provide us with the needed information of your child's medical history and the necessary preventive inoculations s/he has had as a child.
The child must be taught by you at this stage to avoid such food/medicine that may aggravate any allergic conditions s/he may have.
We, in turn, will maintain scrupulously all medical records and files of every child in the School, after a thorough medical check-up which we shall conduct soon after School commences.
Do not give your child expensive watches, fancy fountain pens and any other expensive articles of personal wear. No jewellery by way of gold chain, gold bangles or long earrings is allowed. Giving cash to your child is a serious infringement of the School rules. Please refrain from doing so. Even food items are not to be given to your child, however fond your child maybe of certain items which you have nurtured over the years. I can assure you that we shall pamper all the children at School where food is concerned by feeding them tasty, healthy meals, specially prepared by expert cooks, who are specially trained and experienced. Children must lean to share what s/he gets, and if your child's birthday is to be celebrated, we shall be happy to do so by having a small party for her/his special friends.
I close by assuring you and your entire family members that your child’s stay with us will be a happy, productive and rewarding one.