Academic Programmes
 What kind of education do we need for this new world of tomorrow? Technology demands strong grounding in the sciences and mathematics. The Financial world needs a strong knowledge of economics and statistics. Environmental concerns must obviously come early in our part of the world, and so a good foundation in physical geography and natural resources must be laid. Language will always be central to communication. In such a milieu the study of the Humanities can hardly be ignored. Literature, history, human rights, ethics, cultural appreciation will be given added focus.

In Mahatma Gandhi’s words..... “I want the culture of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet......” Cultural rootedness and a strong anchor in tradition and values in a rapidly changing society is the mainstay of Malpi International School.

The courses offered stays close to the prevailing curriculum as prescribed by the Secondary Board of Education, but with a big difference--the teaching-learning programme uses a methodology that is child-centred, catering to a child’s enquiring mind.

The teacher in the class room is the moderator or facilitator who will guide the students to make for themselves projects that links subjects together, thus making all learning a unified whole.

In this new learning environment, the Library is the hub of all activities where   research and planning both for the teachers and the students takes place. The two languages Nepali and English, receives a lot of focus in learning the skills of the languages along with the literature that goes with it.

Comprehension of the English language goes a long way in achieving clarity in all other subjects of study. No longer does the teacher stand in the centre of the classroom, pouring in information she or he has learnt long ago.

At least two extra languages, one ethnic mother tongue and another foreign are taught as extra mural classes, with the option left open for the students to choose from.

Knowledge has exploded all boundaries, and Information Technology aims to promote the latest in a topic or a particular field to the interested inquirer. Thus, use of IT and mastery of it should be encouraged at all times.

The child on being exposed to such a wide variety of information, forms his own opinion and vision of the world around him, and the freedom s/he will have to air their thoughts through debates, elocution and drama, will mould the character to the fullest, supported by the firm and encouraging hands of the teachers, and co-operation side by side from home.

Student evaluation and assessment is a cumulative record of his/her progress through the year shown by the effort to better his/her pervious records.

Unhealthy competition against peer group is actively discouraged, whilst the competitive spirit to excel oneself is promoted strongly.