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Latest Update:19th July 2016

Summer 2016 Principal's Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are pleased to inform you that the Second Periodic Performance Evaluation has been completed. The Evaluation is based on the overall performance in academics, i.e. tests, quizzes, group work presentations, verbal interactions, etc. We are glad that there has been an overall progress in all our students. However, the academically weaker students are requested to devote some time in revising basic concepts of different subjects. They should also devote some time listening to news and watching educational programmes on T.V./radio. Besides, they should be assisting in the household chores and participating in social life. Kindly consult our School webpage ( for the Summer Break Assignments of the Students. They can complete their Summer Break assignments by taking Music Lessons, Sports Coaching, Research, Story/Poem Writing, and other creative activities for which they will be credited in their upcoming evaluations.  
We have had numerous activities during the past month, such as Celebration of World Environment Day, 17th Foundation Day Celebrations, Inauguration of ‘Malpi Pool’ and ‘Aladdin Hall’ for Table Tennis, Special Recognition and Appreciation Awards, Your Child`s Day (for Grades VII-and VIII) and many more. Ten of our students also participated in the 4th Ulysee Open Youth Triathlon Cup 2016 in which Master Dipson Shrestha secured a bronze medal in his category. Also, our student, Master Sahil Chuke, from Grade IX, received medal for the Highest Scorer in the Boudha Meridian Basketball Tournament. Our school team made it to the finals. Our students will also soon be participating in events such as International China Chorus Festival, Beijing, Dana Cup Soccer Tournament 2016 , Denmark and Trip to West Coast USA (Los Angeles-San Francisco).  

Student Achievements :
Student Achievements :
The in built programmes in the students academic curriculum includes activities that promotes the students’ all-round development----music, art and craft, karate, games, physical exercises, drama, debate, quizzes, elocution and many more.